The Most Legitimate Visa Gift Card Casinos

There are literally dozens of payment methods accepted from one online casino to the next; everything from credit cards, debit card and gift cards, to e-wallets, cash transfers and world-wide direct bank wires. Some gaming sites list so many payment methods it could make your head spin. What every single online casino has in common, however, is the acceptance of Visa.

Visa credit cards are used and accepted all over the world. The majority of us have one, either in the form of a credit card or debit/ATM card. They are extremely convenient, to be sure, but they also have a great deal of information associated with them, and anyone with access to that information could potentially do a lot of harm to our financial status. Thus entering this credit card information over the internet isn’t something everyone feels comfortable doing.

Best Casinos Accepting Gift Cards

The easy solution is to purchase a Visa gift card from your financial institution. The majority of online casinos that accept Visa will also accept a Visa gift card as a viable payment method, to which there are numerous benefits.

Benefits of Visa Gifts Card Casinos

Using a Visa gift card means you don’t have to divulge your personal credit/debit card number, or the reticent security code on the back. A gift card is pre-purchased for a specific amount of money. Once you deposit the pre-paid funds on the card to the online casino, it no longer has any value. If someone were to get ahold of the card number and pin, they would come up empty when trying to exploit it. Reputable online casinos are fastidiously secure, but you have to agree that peace of mind is a precious commodity in today’s society.

A Visa gift card also gives players more control over their spending habits. Maybe you only want to spend $200 in a given week. If you use a standard Visa card, you can make a $200 deposit, but that’s probably not the limit of your bank account. In a moment of weakness, you may decide to drop another $100 into the site and chase your losses (which we all know is against the cardinal rules of smart gambling). If you pre-load a gift card with only an amount you can afford to lose, you won’t be so tempted to change payments methods and overspend your budget.

Why was my Visa Gift Card Declined?

Visa gift cards are ultra-convenient, but when using them online, many merchants will require a name/address to be associated with the card. It’s a simple security measure and most online casinos that accept them are the same way. Having a name and address associated with the card confirms that the card purchaser and card user are one in the same.

Visa gift cards are purchased at a bank. You have the teller put a certain amount of money on it, they take that money from your account (or you can give them cash) and they load the gift card with that amount. When purchasing the card, simply ask the teller to associate your name and address with the card. This way, when it is used online, you can supply your name and address, just like you would with a Visa credit/debit card. By doing so, your deposit at a Visa gift card casino should not be declined, while your banking information remains private.

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