Legitimate Marketing Techniques

Established in 2006, the StarWorld Macau has always been the flagship of the Galaxy Entertainment Group’s (GEG) five local gaming properties. Over the years, it has claimed a five percent share of Macau’s mass revenue, a figure that the owners would like to see increase, so bucking the trend of catering to high rollers, the casino has embraced a new strategy of using slot promotions to attract a more middle-income clientele.

Specifically, in July of 2012, the StarWorld Macau announced the launch of a new two-tiered bonus program designed to reward lucky slot fans. The casino has already been paying out some HK$10 million (US$1.3 million) each month in slot machine bonuses on average. Now, for a limited time period in 2012, it has added to the mix more than HK$8,888,888 in additional cash prizes.

The Winning Tactics

Through early September 2012, StarWorld Macau guests were invited to enroll in a lucky draw called “The Winning Tactics.” It took place every Sunday at 7pm on the first floor of the casino, with participants drawing five poker cards out of 52 in an attempt to catch a Royal Flush. The top prize in the weekly draw was over HK$1 million for the suited Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. On the first Sunday in September, that amount was increased to HK$2 million for the “Grand Draw.”

Members of the Galaxy Privilege Club—the GEG’s loyalty program for slots and table games players—were given drawing entries based upon their play. Table game and slots players gained one free drawing entry for ever 20 loyalty points earned. Hotel guests also received a ticket to redeem for the promotion when they paid for a room. And patrons of StarWorld’s restaurants, bar or lounge got an entry for every 500 patacas spent in a single transaction.

In addition to the top prize, consolation prizes were awarded for a flush or combinations of cards in the same suit, ranging from HK$6,000 to HK$28,000 every week. For the final drawing, those amounts were raised to HK$28,000~HK$68,000.

The Winning Formula

The second tier of the promotion was open exclusively to members of “The Pavilion,” which is Galaxy’s VIP program. Conducted in July, Pavilion members with a specified number of points earned were entitled to join “The Winning Formula,” a combination of a card draw and mathematical calculation. By drawing two cards out of a deck of 42, along with a special symbol card, participants had the opportunity to create a formula for the total bonus calculation. Three lucky winners were drawn at each session on two occasions to win special cash prizes, in addition to the total HK$500,000 jackpot.
In particular, Pavilion Black Card holders were given a chance to win a HK$388,888 jackpot in an exclusive lucky draw. Platinum card and Black card members were allowed to enter the lucky draw once for every 50 points and 100 points earned, respectively. Special prizes were also offered as a consolation, ranging from HK$3,000 to HK$6,000.

Since the close of these two promotions, StarWorld Macau has followed up with similar programs, such as the “9 Stars Triumph” in October-November; it is a single slot pull that could win HK$8,888,888. Other slot incentives include the Millionaire-a-Month promo, Galaxy Express Swipe-and-Win, the “Shining Star Bonanza,” and more. All in all, no other casino in Macau is promoting slot play with such ardor, making StarWorld Macau the easy choice among visitors who enjoy gaming machine action.