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Members-only blackjack club in Dublin on the market for €1mm

Located on the charming streets of Dublin’s urban thoroughfare is an elegant, four story alabaster structure of picturesque, old world design. For many years, it served as a private casino club where blackjack and roulette were the games of choice for its myriad patrons. But now, for a sum of €1,000,000, it can all be yours.

The Silks Private Members Club was considered one of the most exclusive casino destinations in all of Ireland for nearly 10 years. From February 2003 to September of 2012, members were able to visit the swank establishment and enjoy fine wine and dining as they played blackjack or tried their luck on the roulette wheel. After temporarily closing its doors more than two years ago, the owners have finally decided it’s time to let go.

Silks blackjack club in Dublin goes up for saleThe building is situated in a cultural business hub that includes Ireland’s historic National Concert Hall, built in the 1860’s, and is directly across the street from the new €9mm offices of Dublin’s leading law firm, Arthur Cox. The four-story foundation measures 416sq m (4,478sq ft) throughout, and according to Ross Shorten of the Lisney Agency, for an additional cost, all of the elegant furnishings and fixtures found within, including the multiple blackjack and roulette tables, can also be purchased along with the property.

The club’s directors, Leonard Patrick Kinsella and Nanette Kinsella, haven’t been so lucky when it comes to running businesses in Ireland. The two have been listed as directors of 12 local companies; 8 of which have since been dissolved. The property was transferred to the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) of Ireland for receivership, after which the Lisney Agency is listing the private casino club for €1mm.

In its heyday, Silks Private Member Club was renowned for its luxuriant atmosphere. For the casino’s blackjack and roulette gamblers, the establishment offered “internationally trained croupiers” to ensure “guests enjoyed gaming in a friendly and professional environment”. Every Tuesday through Saturday, the club would open its doors from 8pm to 6am, serving free food and beverages to guests at the casino’s tables.

Although the name implies affluent exclusivity among members, Silks Private Members Club was open to anyone with a valid identification card that was old enough to gamble. Membership was free to those who presented their driver’s license or passport, granting them access to three floors worth of gaming areas.

Not so long ago, an announcement was broadcast over the internet leading patrons to believe the popular blackjack destination was to reopen in the near future. The statement disclosed that the club was under new management, claiming that a full calendar of events was soon to be published. Apparently, the owners changed their minds, instead appointing the receivers of Duff and Phelps to manage the club’s impending sale.

A 10 minute walk to Grafton Street at Dublin’s City Centre, anyone interested in acquiring the well-situated premises will have a multitude of opportunities at their disposal due to the area’s affable zoning laws. Any potential new proprietor wouldn’t have to run the establishment as a blackjack and roulette club. Other options would include residential or hotel development, nightclub and entertainment, business offices, education purposes or a medical consulting facility.

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