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Merging Sex and Online Casinos; Brilliance or Bad Business?

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what the top two industries on the internet are; sex themed websites and online gambling. Although a few small steps have been taken in the direction of merging those two industries, it serves to question why they haven’t infiltrated one another in a more encompassing manner. Would sex-themed online casino games be sheer brilliance, or just plain bad business?

Playboy has made a few ventures into the online gambling realm, but they weren’t particularly successful. Many Playtech powered online casinos offer the trademark Playboy Live Dealer games, featuring genuine playboy bunnies in full regalia, and while a sizeable population of men do compete at the Playboy themed blackjack, roulette and baccarat tables, it wasn’t the instant attraction its backers had initially expected.

In a more realistic sense – from an online casino operators point of view – combining sexual themes in their gambling amusements could be bad business. I won’t get too descriptive here, but if a guy is playing strip blackjack, for instance, and he wins enough hands to see a good portion of a hitherto scantily clad lady’s skin, chances are he will get distracted and find another way to pass his time than doubling down.

In essence, sex-themed games could actually detract from an online casino’s main goal, which is to keep players at the virtual tables for as long as possible. If a player decides to log off the online computer in search of a pornographic website, it defeats the purpose.

If that’s the case, why do land-based casinos use sexy waitresses and dancers to draw customers with a much higher rate of success? Think about it. When a gorgeous young lady walks up in a skimpy black dress to deliver cocktails to the male patrons of a brick-and-mortar casino, the player’s attention might be temporarily diverted, but being in a public place doesn’t afford the same opportunities as the privacy of home. Once she walks away, the moment is gone and the focus returns to the blackjack table.

Still, incorporating sexual themes into online casino games is an inevitable occurrence that some are already working to develop; albeit it at a slower and less dramatic pace than you might expect considering the light-speed evolution of the internet. Slot machines with sexy ladies have already hit the world wide web time and again, but progressing to a topless variety is bound to happen sooner or later. I wouldn’t be surprised to see topless table games, or even topless live dealer blackjack coming to an online casino near you in the next few years at most.

The cautious approach of iGaming operators is the only thing holding the industry back from delivering explicit content to their wagering patrons. But in a multi-billion dollar industry that is already enormous in Europe and quickly spreading throughout the US, it is the competitive nature of online gambling that drives innovation. The online casino that first manages to incorporate just the right balance of sexual connotations and gregarious gambling will surely come out on top.

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