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Seattle couple robbed of $6,000 casino blackjack winnings

When entering the doors of a casino, most of us hope to win big, but realistically, we know that we’re probably going to spend more money than we walk out with, just as we would with any traditional form of paid entertainment. On the evening of August 4, 2014, one married couple from Seattle, Washington found themselves in the first category after a great night at the casino’s blackjack tables. They walked out of the doors $6,000 richer, but their luck ended there when they were followed out of the parking lot and robbed the moment they arrived home.

According to Seattle’s Channel 4 Komo News, reports indicate that the married couple, whose names have not been released, were enjoying their time together at a Shoreline casino on Aurora Ave when the wife had an exceptionally good run at the blackjack tables. After taking the house for a lofty sum of $6,000, they did what any other respectable winning casino gambler would do. They headed for the cashier cage, cashed out their winnings and proceeded to leave the establishment. That’s when things began to go awry.

Unbeknownst to the couple, they weren’t the only ones leaving the casino at that very moment. It wasn’t until they arrived at their home on the 13200 block of First Avenue Northwest at around 2:15am that they realized something was terribly wrong. According to the police reports, the moment the husband stepped out of the car, he was immediately grabbed by two unidentified men. A third man then proceeded to punch the victim in the face several times over.

The wife told police that, during the altercation, she overheard one of the assailants asking, “Where’s the money?” By the time it was all over, the robbers had gotten away with $100 from the husband’s wallet, as well as the wife’s purse containing the $6,000 in casino blackjack winnings. With the stolen money in hand, they quickly fled the scene in a silver Audi.

There have been several developments in the case already. Authorities wasted no time in gathering statements, starting with an investigation at the Shoreline casino. One of the security workers they spoke to said that he was familiar with the husband as a regular at the casino who often wagers large amounts of money, and remembered his wife doing very well at the blackjack tables that night.

Upon inspection of the security surveillance video, police witnessed two vehicles leaving the parking lot of the casino directly behind the victims’ car. One was identified as a silver Mercedes. The other was also silver, but they were unable to determine the make/model from the footage. The security worker was able to provide some additional insight for investigators, claiming that he recognized the gentleman in the silver Mercedes as a player who had been previously banned from the casino. He went on to say that the man had entered the establishment that night questioning management as to when his ban would be rescinded.

When the officers described the culprits from the descriptions provided by the victims, the security worker remembered seeing two men that fit the narrative that evening. He had personally ID’d them and remembered one of the last names, which he gave to the officers. He also noted that the two men had seemed to be watching the couple closely that evening.

When authorities researched all silver Audis registered in Seattle, WA, only one result turned up. The last name on the registration matched that of the name given to them by the security worker. No arrests have yet been made in the case.

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