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If you’re searching for instant play browser-based casinos across all SW platforms, you’re likely one of the new generation of players who wants the thrill of online gaming without clogging up their hard drive. Fortunately, almost all casinos now offer this option, allowing fans of slots and table games to access their casino of choice from any computer with a connection to the Internet.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the leading software platforms that support instant-play casino games on your browser. And for those who want to download casino software but lack the necessary computing power, I’ll also be offering some tips for making your PC run faster.

Leading Platforms for Instant Casino Games

Before you install the platform, you’ll need to choose from the three leading types. These include:

  • Adobe Shockwave – This multimedia platform was once known by the name Macromedia Shockwave. The program is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, although a conversion program can also be utilized for players who run Linux.

  • Java – When it comes to programming languages, this product from Sun Microsystems is one of the most popular options around. Its functions are similar to those offered by Flash, and customers can expect a smooth and secure experience every time.

  • Adobe Flash – By installing this platform, you’ll be able to take advantage of Adobe Flash Player. Its name is synonymous with online videos, which is why it’s used by everyone from Hulu to YouTube. There are compatibility issues with Apple’s portable products, however, so anyone looking to play browser-based games on their mobile device may need to seek an alternative.

Once the platform has been installed, head to your favorite online gaming establishment and choose the no-download version. Almost all virtual casinos now have this option, and it allows a modified version of their software to be played on leading browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Advantages of No-Download Games

The following are the most notable advantages of playing no-download casino games on your browser. They are especially adapted to operating systems such as Ubuntu which has compatibility hurdles with most real money gaming brands.

  • 1. Since you’re not required to download anything to your hard drive, you have more computing power left over for other needs.

  • 2. Downloading software is a good way to infect your computer with malware or viruses, especially if you’ve had the misfortune to choose a less-than-reputable casino. With the no-download version, you shouldn’t be in danger of such problems.

  • 3. Since multiple browsers can be opened at the same time, this option allows you to play several games at the same time. Why play one hand of blackjack when you can be enjoying three? Just make sure you know what you’re doing; otherwise, your losses could wind up being more than you anticipated.

Disadvantages of Browser-Based Games

There are few disadvantages to choosing the browser-based option. The quality of the graphics may be slightly diminished, but you probably won’t notice these subtle differences. Besides, most people go to a casino to play games and win money, not admire the pretty graphics.
You’ll also notice a few less slot machines to choose from, but all the major table games will still be present. Unless you’re obsessed with a specific, obscure slot, this slight reduction shouldn’t adversely affect your gaming experience.

Speeding Up Your Computer

The reason that a large number of gamblers choose instant play browser-based casinos is because their computer is already running slow. If you’d rather be utilizing the downloadable version of the casino’s software, here are some simple tips to clear up clutter and make your computer run faster.
Unnecessary Processes – Whenever your computer is on, you’ll find a number of processes running on it. Most of these serve an important purpose, but there are always a few that seem to exist solely to slow down your PC. The best strategy is to remove these unnecessary processes entirely, although you need to be careful and not delete anything that’s vital. If you’re unsure about how to tell the difference, you can find a number of step-by-step tutorials on the Internet.

  • Disk Defragmentation – When fragmentation occurs on your hard drive, information has to be pieced back together. This leads to your computer slowing down, which can make it more difficult to enjoy downloadable casino software and other online leisure activities. By running the disk defragmenter program, you can fix this problem and speed things up. You can also schedule the program to run once per week, which is what I recommend.

  • Purge Unneeded Files – The tool labeled “Disk Cleanup” is your friend, and it can be used to clear the cache and remove all the unnecessary files that build up over time. This can be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse, and you should notice an immediate improvement in your PC’s speed.

  • Recycle Bin – Even if you delete a file, it still moves to the recycle bin and continues to take up precious computing space. If you want to remedy this, be sure to empty your recycle bin. There are also convenient settings that tell the trash bin to empty itself each time your computer is turned on.

  • Upgrade Hardware – New innovations are hitting the market all the time, and the astute online player should always stay aware of this information. By boosting your RAM or installing a new graphics card, even an older model PC can be made to run at peak efficiency.

  • Registry Cleaning – If you feel comfortable performing more advanced options, I suggest cleaning your registry. BY removing the clutter than builds up over time, you’ll speed up your PC for the foreseeable future. Be careful, though, as registry cleaning can cause major problems if not done correctly. There are programs that can help with the process, although novice PC users might want to avoid the step entirely.

  • Use Software Compression Tool – No matter which Windows platform you’re using, there’s an available compression tool that allows you reduce the size of files without deleting them. This is always a good tool to use, and those with a slow PC are especially encouraged to give it a try.

Now that you know a bit more about instant play casino operators, you can choose your favorites option and enjoy dozens of games without bogging down your hard drive. While the graphics and overall selection may be slightly less than what’s found on the full downloadable software, gamers should still have more than enough options to satisfy their craving. As MIT research as shown, the potential for playing is one of the fundamental expressions of the healthy human mind. This includes games of chance or of imperfect information, which we are our specialty here at legitimatecasino.com.

Legal European and American Instant Play Brands

When it comes to instant gaming software it seems that the Europeans have it easy. There are plenty of options available and not only is wagering legal in most of these countries, but is it encouraged. The same doesn’t apply in the rest of the world though. Gambling is heavily restricted in parts of Asia and Africa, and the country that seems to suffer the most is the United States. The US gambling laws are very complicated. It is the home to Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, and it’s the first thing that many people imagine when they think of high stakes poker, glitzy slot machines or high-roller blackjack tables, but the truth is that the US has a very restrictive attitude towards gambling, both offline and online.

It can be very difficult therefore for US players to find a casino that will allow them to join. Following the events of Black Friday, when the poker world was shocked to learn that the biggest sites in the industry had been taken to court and would no longer be accepting US players, things changed. Online gambling had been plentiful, but when online poker fell — a game that many people considered to be skill-based rather than luck-based — then the casinos quickly followed suit. It is now very hard to find a reliable option for online gambling in the United States, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of reputable sites out there that operate well within the law and allow US players to join.

Euro / USA Facing Brands with Instant Play Clients

Jackpot Grand: This is one of the biggest and best names in online casinos for players based in the US. Like many casinos that cater for US players, Jackpot Grand is located in Curacao, where online gambling is perfectly legal. The website allows deposits and withdrawals via credit cards and debit cards and all payments are processed quickly and without any hassle. First time depositors can take advantage of a 400% match bonus to use on the slot machines and a 200% matched bonus for the table games. There are close to 200 different games available on the Jackpot Grand website, with everything from popular favorites such as poker and blackjack, to progressive slots and games that are unique to the Jackpot Grand brand.

Win Palace: Players at the Win Palace casino, which is also based in Curacao, can rest assure that they are dealing with an honest and safe instant play casino website. Win Palace are not new to the online casino industry and their latest software has been on the market for five years, appeasing customers all over the world. Win Palace has match signup bonuses of up to 300% and US customers can make deposits using their VISA or MasterCard credit cards. Win Palace is the perfect place to play table games, with more available than many of its competitors.

BetOnline: This casino is one of the oldest around and was first founded back in 2001. It is located in Panama and players at BetOnline can take advantage of huge signup bonuses and match bonuses, including a 25% unlimited match bonus that will satisfy the high rollers. BetOnline also offer gambling insurance, which means that you can claim back 10% of your losses — perfect if you have a bad run and need a little gift to help you turn things around. BetOnline is the place to be if you want to play live dealer games such as blackjack and baccarat. Not many gambling sites offer these services, making BetOnline unique and a step above the rest.

Classy Coin: This is a fairly new casino (set up in 2011) that operates out of Curacao and uses the Real Time Gaming software. This software has a huge selection of classic slots, progressive slots and table cards. Classy Coin is the place to be if you’re into slot machine games as their jackpots are some of the biggest around. If you get stuck and need some help, then you can take advantage of some exceptional customer service, including a live chat facility that will make sure your questions are answered almost immediately.

It’s fair to say that wherever you are in the world, there are plenty of options available when it comes to online gambling. Instant Play casinos give you a great choice and allow you to jump straight into the action, and with the aforementioned websites available, even players in the US can now join in on the fun.

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