Morongo Casino Resort And Spa Review

Morongo Casino is a Native American resort casino located at 49500 Seminole Drive in Cabazon, California. The casino location overlooks Banning Pass and is ringed by San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Mountains. It is minutes from the 32,000 acre Morongo Indian Reservation.

The Morongo Tribe suffered through many trials including being set up on a reservation by President Grants orders in 1865. In 1983, the tribe began a small bingo hall, which eventually turned into one of the oldest gaming facilities in California. The current site of Morongo Casino opened in 2004 after $250 million was used to create the casino, resort and spa building.

The tribe is also responsible for private sector businesses that are not a part of gaming. The Banning-Beaumont region is filled with jobs provided by the Morongo tribe. It also contributes to Coachelle Valley with jobs. The Morongo Tribe employs about $3,000 people. In 2008 they generated roughly $2.8 billion in gaming and non-gaming business.

The seven year old building provides more than a card room. As an Indian casino it is licensed to offer card games and slot machines. The casino has 150,000 square feet of space making it one of the largest gaming floors in the west. The casino offers a winners club in which players can receive 10 times more with cash back options than most casinos. It is possible to choose from 2,000 slot machines or 85 table games. Players can enjoy the 22 table poker room. Morongo Casino is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week making it available 365 days a year.

Games Offered

Slots and table games are provided at Morongo Casino. Under the slot machine category guests can enjoy 2,000 different games such as Wheel of Fortune, Sex and the City, Player’s World Super, FortKnox and other favorites. Slot machines range from penny slots to $100 slots. Traditional reel and video slots are set up throughout the floor with table games interspersed around the floor. The high limit area is also packed with slots for those who want the largest payout. Slot machines are progressive and non progressive meaning they have some jackpots that progress in size as more and more individuals play them.

Table Games

Playing favorite games at Morongo Casino is easy especially if they are table games. Morongo offers Pai Gow variations, 4 Card Poker, 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, and EZ Baccarat as some of the table games. There are 85 table games at the casino with smoke free areas in Pit 2 for guests who like clean living.

EZ Baccarat is one form of the Baccarat game in which the player goal is to reach as close to nine as possible and to make certain their hand wins over the dealer. The dealer is always a player/banker rather than an employee though they do oversee the games. In EZ Baccarat the problem of commission has been satisfied allowing for an increase of 40 to 60 percent revenue per game. In this game the banker can have a hand called Dragon Seven in which three cards will total to seven. Players can bet with an insurance style wager as to whether the banker will have Dragon Seven in order to get a payout of 40 to 1. The drawing rules and layout is unchanged. However, it is considered a less stressful game with an easier time dealing.

Pai Gow Poker, Tiles, and other variations of Pai Gow are offered at Morongo. Pai Gow is one of the oldest known games in the world hailing from Ancient China. The game was originally played with tiles, but as it was moved around the world in earlier times many began to use the same rules with a deck of card over tiles. The game play is similar to Baccarat in that nine is needed to win. There is also a table layout for Pai Gow. Morongo Casino makes it possible to play these table games and others, while learning the rules. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the games can request a tutorial before betting money on the game.


Texas Hold’em, Omaha, No limit Texas Hold’em, and 7 Card stud are some of the poker games available at the tables. Players can include novice to professionals along with all professional dealers at each table in the card room. When a live game such as a tournament is being hosted players need to be at the casino two hours before the tournament in order to get in for the signups. Tournaments range from local to national options with professional and new players.


Morongo Casino has kept its roots with Bingo. For high stakes bingo players can go to Mystique Lounge. Other bingo options are available in other rooms throughout the casino. Bingo hours are Monday through Saturday at 6pm. Pack sales begin at 2:30pm for those who want to prepare. There are games that go later into the evening, but 6pm is the first game hosted. On Sundays pack sales open as early as 11:30am with the first game played at 2pm. Morongo casino has just started Tuesday and Thursday matinee bingo which begins at 1:30pm with pack sales at 12pm.

Promotions and Jackpots

Morongo Casino wishes that all players have a great time while at the casino. The casino provides various promotions and jackpots to be won during slot and table game play. The jackpots will differ from table to table and slot machine to slot machine. As mentioned above some of the slots are progressive with an ever increasing pot until it is won and reset. Jackpots at the poker tables are also possible depending on game play.

Promotions will differ at Morongo Casino based on the time of year, as well as what is of interest for the year. For example on April 22nd a $1,500 Blackjack Tournament began. This tournament is hosted every Friday now so that guests playing Blackjack on Fridays are able to win $1,500.

Fantastic Fridays is another promotion that deals with one of the restaurants. Guests can take part in the early bird appetizers for $5. This is available from 5pm to 7pm on Fridays only.

Morongo Casino has also offered free gas in a drawing. It is possible to win a partial share of $100,000 in gas that the casino is giving away with drawings. All one has to do is put their name in the box and hope it is drawn.

Mariachi Mondays is a promotion for the Winners Club Card to be discussed a little later on. With the club card guests can attend the buffet on Mondays for $8.95 at lunch and $10.95 for dinner. Mariachi is just one of the restaurants on site at Morongo Casino.

Sundays in June there will be a change to win the New Jaguar XF. Entries can be placed in the box. Every Sunday a drawing will be held to determine who might be the winner of the vehicle.


There are five dining options at Morongo Casino: Potrero Canyon Buffet, Cielo, Serrano, Sunset Bar and Grill, and the Food Court. Potrero Canyon Buffet is home to the Mariachi Mondays deal for winners’ club cards. The restaurant features international cuisine with made to order items as well as the buffet. Mondays are Mexican, Thursdays are Italian, Fridays are seafood, and Saturdays are Prime Rib. Sundays feature a brunch buffet. Each day California salad and pasta bar is provided along with Asian cuisine, a carving station, grilling station, wood fired pizza, and desserts. The buffet is close to the casino floor. Meals are $10.95 or $14.95 unless a players’ club card is part of it or a discount has been issued. Lunch is from 11am to 4:30pm and dinner is 4:30pm to 9pm.

Cielo is open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 5:30pm to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 5:30pm to 11pm. Happy hour at the Vista Bar upstairs is 4pm to 6pm. Cielo is a seafood and steak restaurant with California farm produce used to ensure the food is always fresh. The bar and restaurant is on the 27th floor of the resort casino. The menu includes items from Hawaii, Alaska, and the West Coast of the USA. All steaks and chops are grilled at 1200 degrees to ensure healthy cooking.

Serrano is open 24 hours for players who may need a midnight or early morning snack. They serve American cuisine that has been meticulously created by top chefs. Dishes include prime rib, salads, and a large wine list. Coffee has been brought in from around the world just like the wine list. The restaurant is located near Sage, which is the Spa at Morongo.

Sunset Bar and Grill is outside at the Lazy River Pool. Guests can enjoy a sandy beach, cocktail or swim while hanging out at the Sunset Bar and Grill. The menu is filled with grilled items that can be served in the cabanas, at your lounge seat, or in the restaurant proper. The hours can vary depending on the time of year since weather conditions can be a factor.

The food court will remind players of Las Vegas casinos. The food court has a range of different brand name restaurants to fulfill one’s needs. Panda Express, La Italian, Haagen Dazs, and Fatburger are just a few of the restaurants available in the food court. The atmosphere of the food court is laid back. Players and guests can get their meal items and then sit at the round tables spread throughout the food court area. Pizza, ice cream, Asian, American, and more cuisines are provided in this area.


Morongo Casino is completely smoke free, with slot machine sounds, music, and attendants to make a player’s time more comfortable. Morongo Casino is a clean and sophisticated casino in that it does not have the brilliant neon, but elegant lighting, guest registration desk, and tile flooring. The décor is accentuated with browns and reds. Art is hung on several walls. Palm fronds and other tropical plants are interspersed throughout the casino, resort, and spa to make it a relaxing and nice place to play favored games.

There are comfortable bench seats spread around the gaming floor for those who need to take a break from playing slots, table games or poker. The slot machines, tables, and poker area all have chairs for comfortable playing atmosphere.

Even the restaurants are comfortable like Cielo which is a bar style restaurant. This restaurant provides views of California and the surrounding mountains. There is upper and lower seating in this restaurant, with tables spaced out for the most comfort.

As a casino, resort and spa the hotel rooms are set up to be pleasing. The walls are white with white linens, and peaceful art to welcome guests. There are a couple of different types of guest rooms for the discerning guest to choose from. Outside guests can relax at the pool which is also a long construction with bridge over some of the pool for watchers to enjoy the inner tubes circling around. There is also a slide at the pool.

Hotel and Spa

Morongo Casino is a hotel and spa location with entertainment, nightlife, and golf. The casino resort also has a bowling alley for those who might want to get in a game around their gambling. Morongo is home to the Tukwet Canyon Golf Club. It is a PGA course that needs to be booked in advance. Water features, bunkers, and other channels exist on the golf course to ensure players have fun. At the Sage Spa guests can enjoy a variety of spa techniques from all over the world including Asian and Swedish style massages.

Loyalty/Rewards Programs

The Winners Club is a loyalty program offering rewards for players who take advantage of this great deal. The player’s club is free to register for and get the card. The card is designed to be used at the machines and tables in order to get the rewards being offered for the day a player arrives at the casino.

Slot machine play requires players to input their card into the machine. It can be any machine. The card will be read by the reader. When one signs up they receive $10 in free slot play or $10 in food credit. If players elect for the slot play then they can insert the card play with their free $10 and take away their winnings on the card. The card can then be handed over at the cash machines or cashier for redemption.

Table game play requires the card to be presented to the dealer. The dealer will then provide a rate for play such as a discount on the collections that the games require. Poker is similar in which you show your card to the attendant and an hourly rate will be provided.

In addition to in casino options such as discounts on food and play, the casino may send players with cards special rewards in the mail. This can include a discount or free room at the hotel. It may also include options for the spa too. The rewards will differ, but they are designed to entice consumers back with rewards for these players’ loyalty to the casino.