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Rumored death of Miss Lauren’s Blackjack not true, she’s “alive and kicking”

For the last few decades, blackjack fans throughout Atlanta, Georgia have been enjoying the humor and expertise of their favorite blackjack dealer, known as Miss Lauren. She’s been dealing at blackjack tables around the city for 30 years, but recent news of her death sent a shockwave through fans of what’s become known as Miss Lauren’s Blackjack. Thankfully, the rumors have been disproven as Miss Lauren proudly declared, “I am still alive and kicking.”

It’s not exactly certain who started the rumors of Miss Lauren’s death, or why. Her Miss Lauren’s Blackjack page on Facebook hasn’t received any update since September of 2013. That, and the fact that the renowned blackjack dealer was diagnosed with terminal cancer some years ago, could have played a role in the now defunct rumors.

“No, I am still alive and kicking,” Miss Lauren said in an exclusive statement regarding her supposed death. In answer to why she thought the rumors had begun circulating, she responded, “I am not sure how it got around that I was dead. I do have terminal cancer. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago.”

The legendary founder of Miss Lauren’s Blackjack admitted that she recently, “found out I have to go back into the hospital for surgery.” She resolved, “maybe that is how the rumor started?”

Commenting on the current status of her illness, Miss Lauren said, “The cancer started out in my small intestine and moved into my lymph nodes. I am taking treatment and feeling great. As of right now, everything is stable and has been for some time.”

Miss Lauren’s BlackjackIn Miss Lauren’s typical, humoristic fashion, she concluded her statement with a final request – “Don’t count me out just yet!”

The legacy of Miss Lauren’s Blackjack began 30 years ago when her first tagline table opened up at the legendary Backstreet club in 1985. Once among the most popular nightlife destinations Atlanta has ever known, Miss Laurens Blackjack became an instant hit with patrons, and it wasn’t long before she started a tradition that still holds true today.

Any player who wins one million dollars or more playing at Miss Lauren’s Blackjack is rewarded with a T-shirt. A simple shirt may not seem like much, but it’s actually a huge deal among those ‘in the know’.

Miss Lauren has developed several catch-phrases over the years. She called them Diddy’s, and if a player topped the $1 million mark at Miss Lauren’s Blackjack, they would receive a t-shirt with one of those catch-phrases on it, such as “The more you drink, the more you win!”, or “The more you bet, the more you win!”

In addition to the commemorative attire, the biggest winners at Miss Lauren’s Blackjack would have their name forever memorialized on her famous plaques. A plaque is visible at each location around the city where Miss Lauren deals blackjack, and she continues to maintain a complete record of every player who’s ever been awarded a t-shirt for winning 9-figures at her blackjack tables.

Miss Lauren’s Blackjack can currently be found hosted at several clubs in and around Atlanta, including The Model T on Ponce de Leon Ave in Atlanta every Wednesday and Thursday night, and the Tucker Saloon in Tucker, GA every Friday and Saturday.

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