Commerce Casino Games & Loyalty Offerings

Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California has 243 card tables and is looking to expand with 100 more tables in the coming months. The casino opened in 1983. It is open 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Commerce Casino is a smoke free environment with outside designated areas. Players of this casino can enjoy tutorials 24 hours a day to learn how to play many of the games offered.

This casino is privately owned and not of Native American ownership. It is a card room casino only, meaning it does not have slot machines. Celebrities have been known to play at this casino, but their names are not disclosed to keep their privacy. Players can expect the same privacy, especially for large jackpot wins. As a large casino guests can expect to see roughly 8,000 players in one day at various tables. Like any casino one must be 21 years old to play any of the games.

Commerce Casino is a resort with 200 hotel rooms including a men’s and women’s day spa. Part of the services includes table side dining and front money accounts. Front money accounts are a convenience for players that are setup through the cashier cage.

Guests can enjoy tournaments and loyalty rewards as part of casino play. There are daily tournaments which change based on current wins and promotions. The loyalty programs available consist of various bonus offers such as more points during game play. To join the club is free. All one needs to do is fill out a form to obtain the player’s card.

Games Offered

Commerce Casino has plenty of action on 243 tables. Players can choose from a range of options including No Limit or Pai Gow Poker. There are also million dollar world tournaments for excitement. On a daily level tournaments are offered under California championship rules. The World Poker Tour finals are sometimes held at this LA casino, as is the LA Poker Classic. The following are games supplied by Commerce Casino: Hold’em, No limit and pot limit poker, 7 card stud, 7 card stud high low split, Razz, lowball; draw poker, Omaha, Omaha high low, Pan, 5 card stud, and 3 card poker. Anyone new to playing these table games may request instruction from the casino services. Dealers are happy to go over the rules before play is begun. There are also tables for all types of skill levels and monetary limits players may have.

Commerce Casino also has California Games available for players. These games include No Bust Blackjack, 21st Century Baccarat, Super Pan 9, 13 Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Joker’s Wild Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow Tiles, 3 Card Poker, EZ Baccarat, and Caribbean Stud. Many of these games are popular throughout the world.

Promotions are offered with California Games such as Blackjack where a high hand of four aces of the same suit can offer you $10,000, three aces of the same $2,500, and three aces of the same color can be $5,00 for the promotion. Super 9 offers tournaments on a weekly basis with a $50 + $10 buy in. This tournament is held every Friday at 3pm with a $2,500 added to the win.

In addition to the games provided by Commerce City they offer daily jackpots. For Stud one can earn up to $15,000 with the super jackpot. There is a specific seed to start the jackpot which is $2,000. The current amount can change daily based on play. Hold’em has a jackpot too with a seed of $5,000 and win of $15,000 in the super jackpot. The current amounts will vary throughout the day as play is continual. Omaha and Combo/Mix are two other jackpots available from Commerce Casino.

Explanation of certain games offered:

Razz: for those who have not heard of some of the games on offer a description will be offered. Razz for example is a game similar to seven card stud except the lowest hand of poker is going to win. The game can have a maximum of eight players and the best five cards out of seven dealt are used. Players can only bet a certain amount per round. There are hole cards and door cards as part of the game to keep certain aspects of the game hidden from other players. It adds to the excitement and win with one card being hidden from view.

Super Pan 9 is a card counting game similar to baccarat. You have to reach the count of 9 in order to win. The higher the numerical total of all your cards will help you win. Typically there are 8 or 12 decks in the game with the 7, 8, 9 and 10s removed from the deck to help make 9 as a total possible. A banker is chosen like in Baccarat before the cards are dealt. A dice cup is shaken to see where the action begins. Then, each hand is compared to the dealers to determine who wins against the dealer.

Limits are set at the table games for every player to find one they are comfortable with. Some tables begin with a $1 to $2 buy in for game play. Other tables can require up to $100 for games to start. A pot limit is set on most tables unless otherwise designated. It allows players with a small starting pot to feel comfortable with the bets they place. For those with the bankroll to handle it there are no-limit tables in Hold’em, Omaha and other popular poker games. Since there are no-limits at these tables the pot can grow until someone calls for the cards to be shown. Given the variety of games and limits there will be different atmospheres to enjoy for spectators and players.


In addition to tableside dining, there are three restaurants at the Commerce Casino and Resort complex. Manhattan Deli Restaurant and Bakery is open daily 7am to 2am. This restaurant serves American cuisine with burgers, sandwiches, cakes, and sundaes on the menu. The restaurant is located in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The Arena Sports Bar and Grill is open from 6am to 2am for the bar, and 11am to 1am for the grill. It also serves American cuisine. As a sports bar numerous televisions are tuned to a variety of sporting games based on season and location. Guests are able to enjoy the bar and restaurant atmosphere while watching their favorite sporting events. The menu also has international dishes. Reservations can be made at the Arena Sports Bar and Grill to ensure dining is available.

Tropical Snack Bar is an informal location inside the casino/ resort setting. This bar serves doughnuts, hot dogs, sandwiches, and Starbucks Coffee. It is open 24 hours to ensure players have snacks throughout the day and night. There are a variety of different snacks to choose from in the convenient location.

Tableside dining uses the Sports Bar and Grill menu. For those who want a meal during play, obtain the attention of the dealer and they will help get a server to your side. The server will bring a menu, drinks, and food to serve you 24 hours a day.


Commerce Casino hosts live entertainment in addition to the casino card games. The entertainment is possible only during Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Thursday guests can partake of No Cover Karaoke with Steven Williamson. This is available from 9pm to 2am. Friday is in house DJ Vicious Lee Spinning. Music begins at 10pm. There is no cover charge for this option. Saturday night is Karaoke with RC and Quando Jones. Times are the same as Thursday from 9pm to 2am. Happy Hour runs from Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm. A late night happy hour is available Tuesday through Thursday from 10pm to 12am.


Commerce Casino and Resort is a mixture of entertainment and luxury. The Crowne Plaza Lobby is distinguished with tile floor, wood framed front desk, and elegant lighting. Rooms and lobby have art to add to the atmosphere and design. The outside of the hotel is typical of the Crown Plaza style, meaning it is a modern construction of brick and glass. The rooms are styled with typical hotel floral patterns and lightly colored walls. Plants are added to the lobby and other areas like the casino to make the atmosphere tropical and comfortable. The hotel offers an outdoor pool and hot tub, fitness center, and business services to make a play and work location.

The casino floor is filled with tables set up comfortably with tables and chairs to make play comfortable. There is enough space between the tables for spectators to watch. The casino is brightly lit to keep players energized at the tables. For anyone who may win a large jackpot security is on hand for escorting the player to their car. Security is available on the floor and will be around should one need them. They are understated yet obvious as casino employees to help players feel comfortable. Given the amount of tables in the casino it is definitely busy and full.

The restaurants are designed differently to offer luxury and comfort. For example the sports bar is less formal with neon lighting and numerous screens, where as the Manhattan deli is more luxurious with a Manhattan décor.


Commerce Casino opened in 1983 as a card room, which is the only style casino allowed on California grounds. As a card room it has 243 tables, with the possible addition of 100 more in the months to come. Commerce Casino has always been privately owned as a resort casino location. The casino is tied to the resort making it easy for players and guests to enjoy games and find comfort in a room whenever needed.

Loyalty/Rewards Programs

Player’s cards are a loyalty rewards program any player can sign up for. Commerce Casino established the program to permit guests more options for gifts and other promotional items. Those who participate in the loyalty program will need to submit name, address, telephone, driver’s license, date of birth, email, gaming history, interests, level of play, and other casinos visited. This information is taken to provide an understanding of the players at Commerce Casino in order to formulate proper rewards.

Commerce Casino does not track a player’s wins or losses. They will also not sell the information to any other party. It is the policy of the player’s club card to keep information confidential unless special circumstances arise. The casino takes steps to ensure privacy with all data it collects as is permitted by law. It is possible to sign up at the casino for the club.

The gift rewards can be redeemed at the hotel, spa, gift shop, for a floor massage, Moiselle, Solitaire Jewelry, or the restaurants. The redeemable gifts will vary based on current promotions. For example, players may receive coupons in the mail for a discount on hotel stay or discounts on restaurant meals. The redeemable gifts vary from season to season, as well as player interests.

For example, a current promotion mentioned online is the Blackjack option where a player can play for 6 hours to qualify for the $5,000 freeroll tournament. This is a tournament held every Saturday at 3pm. Management can discontinue this option at any time based on entries into the contest.

Commerce Casino has another club program to take advantage of called the CCUP. The CCUP is part of the Commerce Casino Univeristy of Poker. You can learn how to play poker the right way by signing up for the CCUP Player’s Card. There is no tuition for this option. You get to play any game you want by swiping the card. Players will instantly earn free bonus points when they begin their university course.

These rewards will not expire. There is no annual fee or payments made. The professor for these courses is Roger Rodd, a comedian in Hollywood. The course advertises that no beginner is “too green.” Anyone, even those who have never played a card game in their life can take on the course to learn how to play at the tables and in tournaments.


Commerce Casino players are welcome to join the tournaments offered. There are daily, LA Poker Classic, California State Championships, Million Dollar, Hold’em series, and LA Poker Open tournaments. To attend a tournament there is often a fee to get your bankroll started. Some of the tournaments may allow a re-buy-in up till the last few rounds. Players will need to read the rules of the tournaments to decide if they wish to join.

The daily tournaments happen each day with a variety of games provided. For example on Monday there is a tournament for $120 buy in that starts at 12pm. There is another at 6pm for a $55 buy in with two option re-buys. If players want a high payout tournament then the Friday Knockout Bounty with $30,000 cash guaranteed is one option. This begins at 6pm with a $220 buy in. No re-buys are offered. There is a $50 reward for each player that you eliminate. It is also possible to get a free food coupon.