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New Casino Table Game, Go Fore It, coming to Pennsylvania’s Meadows Casino

When a casino introduces a new gambling amusement, its generally a good bet that its either a cookie-cutter slot machine with an altered theme, a simple twist on traditional blackjack, or a variation of some poker game. A recent story out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is finally bringing a fresh idea to the tables of the Meadows Casino. It’s called ‘Go Fore It’, and is loosely based on golf, although players will not require any knowledge (or skill, thankfully) in golf to play it.

Jon Delano of CBS News Pittsburg was given a chance to sit down and play the new game as he interviewed Ben Kowalski, the co-creator of Go For It. He and his partner, Jeremiah LeClerc, are employees of the North Strabane Township casino. Kowalski told Delano that he and LeClerc, “were just kicking ideas around” when the concept for the new casino table game was born.

What makes the new card game so interesting is that it is truly unlike any of the exiting table games currently available in PA casinos, or even in Las Vegas for that matter. “The specialty games are mostly poker derivatives and blackjack variations,” Kowalski rationalized. “So this game is neither, which is what makes it unique and we think will fill a void out there in the marketplace.”

Not all of the game’s details and rules have yet been divulged, but from the video (see above), it’s obvious that includes a series of optional bets, likely an ante to start and up to two raises thereafter with an option to fold in between (akin to 3 Card Poker). What we do know is the basic concept of Go Fore It, in which the player and dealer compete to achieve the lowest valued hand.

From what we gather, the player goes first, receiving two cards, then a third, then the fourth (with betting rounds of some type in between). The dealer then takes his turn last. Traditional values are applied and the sums are calculated. The relation to the game of golf comes by way of the lowest score winning, as opposed the highest.

Kowalski and LeClerc traveled to Las Vegas to pitch their new concept to the area’s multifarious gambling device manufacturers. He described the scenario as “about 10 minutes of intensity” before representatives of Bally Technologies jumped on the opportunity, saying, “we want this game.”

The next step is to receive the approval of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, which should occur sometime in the spring. From there, Meadow Casino will be the first gambling establishment in the world to offer the new casino game; something they hope will attract a fresh customer base, as well as some of their regular slots players, to the tables.

“With new games like this, with a different twist on them, we’re happy if they move from a slot to a table,” commented Meadows Casino Vice President and General Manager, Sean Sullivan. “We have no issue with that. Whatever makes you happy.”

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