Begado Software Blackout

Begado Casino is still in its infancy among the online gambling industry, and already it has attained a rather variegated reputation from supporters and skeptics alike. Of its entire existence in 2012, Begado spent a third of that time offline in what is being termed the ‘Begado Blackout’.

Begado launched in early October 2012 and for the first month and a half, all was fine; not just fine, but phenomenally well. Players were beating down the doors to try out this new online casino. It had a fantastic promotional campaigned designed to hit the ground running and was powered by NuWorks, a fresh, unique and dynamic software platform. NuWorks was the recently released brainchild of the ingenious minds of the long-time leader in online gaming software development, RealTime Gaming.

The following month would prove less fortunate for the new online casino. RTG was preparing for a massive system upgrade across a number of its casino brands. When implemented on November 15, 2012, disaster struck. A significant technical error brought the virtual walls crashing down. The Begado Blackout had begun.

RTG’s attempt to augment the platform – in their words, “improved software performance, enhanced security features, and more” – had gone terribly awry. Begado Casino, along with several other RTG brands, were temporarily abolished by RealTime Gaming’s miscalculations.

Immediately, members of the new online casino became incensed. They questioned the integrity of Begado. Had it merely opened long enough to draw in player deposits, only to commit suicide and abscond with their funds? Had this ever been a legit operation to begin with?

Further aggravating the masses was the fact that the website was still fully operational, but offered no warning or cautionary statements whatsoever. Visitors could navigate the site, view promotions, games and banking info, but there was no access to accounts, the software didn’t work and the even the in-browser games would not load. Some players demanded that Begado post an advisory statement, but it never happened. For all appearances sake, looked like it was up and running, when in fact, the casino’s core was 100% inactive.

The questions continued to pour in, players becoming more irate as the days went by, while all representatives of Begado could do was continually attempt to reassure their customers that the casino would be back up and running as quickly as possible. The online casino proclaimed time and again that their funds were safe, their accounts were secure and that all would be back to normal if only members could show a little more patience.

As days turned to weeks, patience ran out completely. Begado’s software issues persisted and players quickly tired of hearing the same old excuses. Then suddenly, on November 13, 2012, a full 29 days after the Begado Blackout began, light shone once more upon the new online casino.

RTG had finally managed to resolve the software issues. After an entire month of putting the platform back together piece by piece, Begado sent out a missive to all of its members, stating:

“Begado recently began a comprehensive systems upgrade… These upgrades ensure our players continue to have the best, safest gaming experience. However, they also caused unexpected technical difficulties. We’re happy to announce that all technical issues have been resolved and you can now log into your account.”

In addition to the announcement of Begado’s reinstitution, the management team offered all members a free $30 casino bonus with no deposit necessary, “as a token of our appreciation for your patience”. To many of the online casino’s once-trusting members, it was far too late for recompense. The $30 free bonus was a mere bauble, and an unappreciated one at that.

Begado lost a great deal of its initial player base by way of the elongated outage of its casino software. Fortunately, due to the renewed vigor of its marketing directors, Begado was able to claw its way forth from the abysmal ashes and once more began drawing in new players.

In the end, RTG was not only successful in the eventual resolution of the software’s catastrophic upgrade fiasco, the end result was an even better product. The system was more powerful, remarkably faster and noticeably more intuitive than its former edition. It was – as augured by its developers – a stronger, more secure casino client.

For those who suffered the full month of trepidation and uncertainty, it is beyond difficult to quell their apprehensions towards Begado. Such anxieties are exceedingly understandable. The management team certainly could have handle the situation a little better in regards to keeping their players informed as to the situation.

In the same token, we must also commend Begado for staying the course, rising far above the expectations of innumerable cynics. As a new operation, the company was surely losing a great deal of money by staying open for an entire month without drawing in a single coin of profit. Since the debacle finally ended, Begado’s diligence has resulted in the site indubitably becoming one of the best new online casinos of the year.

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