Indiana $4k Blackjack winner’s luck runs out, Robbed by Co-worker

Tales of friendly romps at the casino can get pretty outrageous, especially when they come out of Las Vegas, but one story out of America’s heartland is spinning a web of reprehensible deceit. Police in Lake County, Indiana are on a manhunt after hearing the tale of two co-workers who visited the blackjack tables; one becoming a winner, the other an alleged thief.

According to court records, 24 year old Joshua Ulysseus Redmond of Gary, Indiana has been accused of most traitorous acts of criminal behavior. If convicted of the alleged crime against his co-worker and supposed friend, Redmond could face anywhere from 3 to 16 years in state prison.

The blackjack winner robbed by Redmond, henceforth known as “the victim”, remains unnamed in the incident. He relayed his version of the story to local police as follows.

According to the Blackjack Winner turned Victim…

Blackjack Winner accuses Co-worker of RobberyOn the evening of July 1st, Redmond and the victim, who were both employed as card dealers at the Majestic Star Casino in Gary, met up at the Ameristar Casino on Chicago’s East Side to enjoy a bit of gambling, just as the two had done on several previous occasions.

According to the victim, at around midnight that night, he and Redmond were seated at the blackjack tables. While he was on a hot streak, Redmond wasn’t having the best of luck, and was apparently spending the majority of his time talking on his cell phone.

By the time they prepared to leave the casino, the victim had racked up $4,000 in blackjack winnings. He offered his co-worker a ride home, as was the norm for these two when gambling together at the Ameristar, and Redmond accepted.

The drive home from East Chicago to Gary would normally take only about 15 minutes, but while in route, Redmond convinced his co-worker to make a pit stop at his cousin’s house under the pretense of helping to fix a fan. Upon arrival at the address indicated, Redmond pulled out his cell phone and made another call.

After a few minutes, a heavy-set man approached the car and struck up a conversation. Moments later, he reached into the car and gripped the victim by his throat with one hand, brandishing an black semi-automatic handgun with the other. The gunman pointed the weapon at the victim and demanded all of his money.

The victim immediately retrieved $100 and handed it to the mugger, but it soon became obvious that that the robbery was a set-up when the gunman responded, “I know you have more than that.” Reaching into the victim’s pocket, he grabbed the $4,000 in casino winnings and took off running.

To make his co-worker’s perfidious involvement in the crime all the more evident, the victim told police that Redmond quickly exited the vehicle and took off running with the armed robber.

Joshua Ulysseus Redmond failed to return to work at the Majestic Star Casino the following day, or any day thereafter, and was subsequently fired.

Lake County Court Judge Diane Boswell issued a warrant for Mr. Redmond’s arrest on July 9, 2015. He has been charged with “armed robbery”, a level 3 felony offense that carries a penalty of 3 to 16 years in prison.