From Vegas to Detroit; Ben Affleck finds new action on the Blackjack tables

Earlier this year, Ben Affleck found his name splashed across the headlines. That’s nothing new for the Hollywood superstar, but the reasons behind his limelight appearance weren’t so appealing. The married father of three got himself banned form a major Las Vegas casino back in April for allegedly counting cards at the blackjack tables in a not-so-conspicuous fashion. According to a new story broken by TMZ, which included explicit photography, Affleck is at it again, but this time he’s found a new blackjack table in Detroit that is perfectly willing to accept his high-stakes wagers.

The 42 year old actor and filmmaker has been holed up in Michigan for the last few months now while shooting his latest Blockbuster-to-be, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But off the set, he’s apparently been hitting up the MotorCity Casino in Detroit, where reports say his chip count was as high as $30,000 at one point.

Affleck hasn’t offered any comments on the story, and MotorCity Casino declined to deny or confirm the presence of the celebrity at their establishment over the weekend. A report on MLive revealed an email response from the casino where Affleck was said to have been seen – not once, but twice – in which a representative stated simply, “we do not make any comments on our guests.” Surely the additional publicity for the Detroit gambling hall would have been appreciated, but policy is policy when it comes to the privacy of their clientele.

It’s difficult to trust the exposé  of a tabloid publication these days, but TMZ’s photograph of Ben Affleck playing blackjack at MotorCity Casino is hard to deny; especially when one considers the recent escapades of the middle-aged actor. In April of this year, Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were on vacation in Las Vegas where the Hollywood heartthrob was playing blackjack at the high stakes tables of the off-Strip Hard Rock Café Casino. After a while, casino security stepped in, halted Affleck’s gameplay and accused him of counting cards. He was consequently banned for life from the establishment.

According to a report released by a local security firm that reviewed the situation, Affleck was clearly “moving his money with the count”. The missive went on to insinuate that, not only was the actor blatantly counting the cards at the blackjack table, he wasn’t very good at it. When we read card counting strategies, we learn of multiple levels of abilities. For instance, the notorious MIT Blackjack Team used a complex manner of counting (much more intricate than not the one depicted in the 2008 film, “21”) that can be extremely successful, if one has the mathematical and memory sills to keep up with it. Affleck, on the other hand, appeared to be employing the most basic of blackjack card counting schemes, in which the player merely keeps a count of low cards versus high cards dealt by the dealer.

Whether Ben Affleck was attempting to count cards in Detroit over the weekend, where he is said to have been seen playing blackjack on Friday and Saturday, or whether his skills at doing so have improved, is not known.