AffActive Review

AffActive is an online casino affiliate program that launched in 2011 to give webmasters a fresh outlook into affiliate marketing. The company promotes several popular brands, providing a series of user-friendly tools, creatives and personalized edification to help webmasters profit from their affiliate marketing campaigns. Below is a brief overview of what AffActive Partners has to offer.

What Brands does AffActive Promote?

AffActive promotes the following online casinos. Affiliates can choose to promote one, some or all of these brands under the AffActive affiliate program.

Begado Casino
Jackpot Grand
Win Palace Casino
Casino Titan
Golden Cherry
Slots Jungle

How is Revenue Generated?

AffActive offers both Rev-Share and CPA earning methods. Win Palace Casino, Slots Jungle, Golden Cherry and Casino Titan offer Rev-Share earnings, but players can negotiate their own customized CPA deal for any brands they promote by contacting AffActive Support.

The Rev-Share program rewards affiliates with the following percentage of revenue based on the number of players converted.
1 to 50 players = 30%
51 to 100 players = 35%
101 to 500 players = 40%
501+ players = 45%

AffActive also promotes a Two-Tier rewards program for affiliates who refer other affiliates to the program. These are known as sub-affiliates, and can be extremely profitable over time. Any affiliate your sub-affiliate brings on board will also generate more revenue for you. Members earn an 8% kickback of earnings from all first-tier affiliates (i.e. those they refer directly). When a first-tier affiliate refers an affiliate, they become your second-tier affiliate, for which you earn a 4% revenue share.

What Marketing Tools does AffActive Supply?

The AffActive group provides each affiliate with a series of tools to help them pave a road to success. First and foremost, AffActive provides personalized assistance from an experienced team of affiliate managers. They are super friendly and extremely helpful. If this is your first time affiliating, they can teach you the ropes and help make the best choices in setting up a gaming portal that suits your time and needs. AffActive specializes in everything from basic to complex affiliate campaigns, employing expert IT personnel to assist even the most seasoned affiliate marketer.

AffActive supplies each affiliate with a personalized bonus code to help them promote their brands. They also provide tracker IDs for affiliates with multiple websites so they can make the most of the program’s conversion reports and make adjustments to any websites that aren’t performing as well. The affiliate program presents a multitude of captivating, customized creatives designed by professional graphic artists.

How are the Tracking Services?

AffActive provides all affiliates with a high performance tracking service that is built into its campaign management software. This is common among affiliate programs, but many times, reading and comprehending the data can be a confounding nonplussing nightmare. AffActive doesn’t assume that you know what you’re doing. The tracking services layout is easy to navigate and understand, allowing affiliates to optimize their campaign right then and there.

How Often will I Get Paid?

AffActive pays its affiliates once per month, based on the activity and generated revenue from the previous month. All payments are processed no later than the 15th of the month, depending on the affiliate’s payment method of choice.

What Payment Methods does AffActive Use?

NETeller, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Wire Transfer and Check by Mail.

Are there any Unique Features I should know about?

AffActive will never carry over a negative balance to the following month. One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing today is that when their players and/or sub-affiliates don’t generate revenue, they are penalized for it by retaining a negative balance that must turn positive via revenue generation before they receive a check. At the end of each month, if an affiliate has a negative balance, it is reset to zero (0) on the 1st of the next month.

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